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  1. Register: Click on the register link and fill in all the required information.
    [Registration Instructions]
  2. Login:  When you finish the registration process, you will automatically be logged on to the VMS, but if not, follow the login instructions. 
    [Login Instructions]
  3. Signing Up For Events:  Upon login, you will be redirected to the event calendar.  All available events you can work on will be listed here. Please read the "Member's User Guide" when you are logged on.
  4. Important Information:  Please read all the information concerning the venue rules, TABC/DNC education and certification, food handling qualifications, and any other information posted and linked at the bottom of the site page.


Here are some helpful links for members:

Resetting Your Password

Member's User Guide
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If you are a fundraising administrator and you need assistance, below are some helpful links:

Administrator User Guide

Contact Site Manager

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Need Help?

Please look below for help links for members, new members, and administrators!


On November 7th, 2015, things changed a little at our Volunteer Management System.  The objective of the site is still the same, however, some of the functions are different.   There are a few things you should know, where changes might have been made.  Instructions have been provided for all registered users:

  • Current Members: If you were a member at the old site, no need to re-register. All new users PLEASE REGISTER.

  • Passwords: Our new system requires all passwords to be no less than seven(7) characters in length.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Passwords and user names are "case sensitive", so if you used caps and lower case letters when you registered, you will have to log in accordingly. DID YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD? You may request to retrieve your password using the link below:

  • Profiles: When you register to our new site for the first time, you will be required to fill out certain profile information, please review your profile to make sure the information is correct and current.  At any time, you may edit your profile when you are logged in.
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