Texas Ranger Ballgame Events


Welcome to the Ranger fundraising program! We are glad you’ve decided to participate! FWFC currently staffs 1 food stand and 1 grab and go stand.

Below are some basic guidelines/answers to popular questions


Every worker must currently be TABC and DNC certified. TABC certification is no longer provided by the Rangers. There are several online TABC websites ranging from $10-$12. Rangers are offering the DNC certification class (specific to Texas Rangers) prior to games this year so please email me (jamieperez@fortworthfc.com) if you need to take a class and I will make sure it is available.

Report Times/Dress Code/Parking/Logistics

  • Report time for regular season games is 3 hrs before game time for workers and 3.5 hrs before game time for stand managers. Report time is IN the stand. If you are going to be late you need to contact the stand manager to let him/her know. Phone numbers will be provided on the final schedule for each month. Consistently being late will result in not being scheduled for events the following month.
  • Parking is in lot H (beside the Marriott Courtyard) – there is a shuttle provided. I will notify you of any changes that may come up for specific games. (This could change with new stadium, check with Jamie Perez for any changes)
  • You must show your ID badge to enter the stadium.  You will get your badge either at your DNC class. If you do not receive your badge at class you will need to contact your stand manger and make arrangements to get a temporary badge to enter the stadium.  Most badges can be picked up your first game you work in the stand.
  • Using your badge to enter the stadium for any reason other than to work the event is STRICTLY prohibited! No second chances. It is considered theft and the Rangers will prosecute.
  • Wear khakis shorts (must be no shorter than 2” above your knee), Capri’s, or long pants.
  • A shirt will be provided each night at no charge and MUST be turned in at the end of the night.  It is recommended that you wear a shirt that you can just put the Rangers shirt over so you don’t have to run to the restrooms to change.
  • Everyone will need to have a red cap this year. It is the same cap as last year. If you do not have a cap, the cost is $5. Please bring cash with you to your first scheduled game and the stand manager will make sure you get one.
  • You must wear closed toe shoes. Tennis shoes are most comfortable.
  • Cell phones are only to be used in the back of the stand and use should be limited. It is only permissible to use your phone during a slow period.


We do get tips from time to time. We are NOT allowed to solicit tips or promote them. No tip jars of ANY kind are allowed! IMPORANT: Any tips received must be turned in to the stand manager in and they will be split evenly between everyone working for the night.


  • The stand manger for the night is in charge and will give work assignments. All workers are required to stay until the stand is clean and all monies are accounted for. Our stand is open until the last out of the last inning. We are typically finished 30 – 45 minutes after the end of the last inning.
  • To register for games you must sign up on the website. Only sign up one time – if you must make a change Before the schedule for the month is published, please e-mail me directly. Jamie - jamieperez@fortworthfc.comI will only be checking this email in the evenings.
  • Once the schedule is posted and you have been assigned a game it is your responsibility to find a replacement and to let both Jamie and your stand manger know of the change. Both parties must send Jamie and the lead for that game/stand an e-mail verifying the change. If I don’t receive both e-mails, the person originally scheduled for the game is responsible to work. Please understand this! If you are replacing yourself with a youth you must get permission from the stand manger and/or Jamie BEFORE you make the trade as there are a limited number of spots each night that a youth or non certified person can work. All youths must be at least 16 years of age and must bring their ID as proof. If you are unable to find a sub you MUST fulfill your obligation to work. Failure to do so will result in a no show charge and removal from the fundraising program. If we (our stand) is charged a $75.00 fee for your no show – that will be passed directly to you.
  • Finding a sub – please, as a first option, try to find your sub from the list of workers that are listed as a “sub” for the night. If you are listed as a sub for the game, you do not show up unless called. If you are listed as a sub and get a call to work and you are unable to work, it is ok.
  • Also regarding finding a sub…most all of us are soccer parents, all of our children play tournaments and none of us want to miss a game much less a championship game. With that being said, if you can’t find a sub or someone to trade with you, YOU MUST WORK THE GAME you requested – this is not considered an emergency. DO NOT call me at the last minute with an excuse.
  • I do try to answer all e-mails with 24 hrs but sometimes I have family obligations which can  cause a delay in your answer. If you need an immediate answer that can not wait – call me: 469-951-8367
  • All games are considered playable – even if it is raining we still have to show up.
  • Payouts are made directly to your team treasurer and typically are paid approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the end of a home stand.
  • Please make sure you keep track of the games you work and if you ever feel there is a discrepancy please contact me immediately.


To sign-up for an event:

1) Go to vmshub.com

2) If you already have an existing logon, click the logon tab. If you do not have a logon, click the register tab and follow the instructions to creat a logon.

3) Once logged on to the website, cick on ‘Events’ tab

4) All open events for all venues will be listed on the left side of the screen. I only schedule for Ranger games. To sign-up for a game, you will have to click on the date on the calendar to the right.

5) Once you click on the event, a screen will pop up asking if you want to ‘enroll for this event’. Click yes to enroll or cancel if you changed your mind at this point!

6) Repeat step 5 for all games you wish to sign up for. You can toggle through the months on the events calendar.

7) I open up games one month at a time so you will sign up for all of the games you are available to possibly work that month. Please don’t sign up for a game if you know you cannot work. I really try to be as fair as possible when making game assignments but that doesn’t work well if volunteers sign up for all the games and can only work a few thus creating tons of sub requests.

8) Enrolling for an event on the website does not mean you will automatically be working that game. I pull all of the names for each game and create a schedule in excel that I will try to email out a week after I close enrollment (onlign registration) for the games.