The Theatre at Grand Prairie Event Information

Hello and thank you for your interest in fundraising with FWFC and The Theatre at Grand Prairie! We currently staff 2 stands; Pizza and East Grille. Both booths serve beer and several food items.

Report time is usually 2 hours before the doors open and can vary by event. If you are going to be late, you need to contact your Lead and let them know right away. Consistently being late will not be tolerated and can result in your being removed from the program.

Tips are permitted at The Theatre at Grand Prairie unlike other venues; we divide tips equally among all workers. Usually we have 5 workers to a booth, sometimes more. It just depends on the show type and if The Theatre at Grand Prairie asks for additional workers for a specific show or not.

The stand Lead is in charge and will give you your work assignments. Upon arrival there is plenty of prep work to be done and usually will take a full 2 hours. After the show, you are required to stay and help clean up and must not leave until the stand Lead has accounted for all inventory and money; the Lead will let you know when you can leave.

Once you have been scheduled to work an event; you are expected to be there. If for some reason you cannot make it; it is your responsibility to find your own replacement and let Elizabeth Aguilera and your stand Lead know. Please send an email to Elizabeth Aguilera; copy your replacement and stand Lead; if this is not done, the person who is replacing you will not get paid. If you are replacing yourself with a youth (at lease 16 years old); you must get prior authorization from Dawn because we can only have so many non TABC people working in a stand at one time. All Youths working must bring their ID just in case someone asks for it. If you cannot find a replacement, you must show up or The Theatre at Grand Prairie will charge us $75.00. If this happens, the charge will be passed to you.

Payouts – You will receive an email approximately every 4-6 weeks to notify you of your payout amounts for the previous month’s work. This amount is deposited into your child’s account and your team manager should receive notification. Please keep track of what you worked and let us know immediately if you were not paid for something you worked.

The Theatre at Grand Prairie requires that you have your TABC and a Food Handler’s certification’s on file with them; in their office. You can obtain these certifications as follows:


You have 2 options:

  • FREE – If you are planning on working Ranger’s games, they offer a TABC class at the ballpark for free. Please see more information on the main page of our website under “TABC/DNC” information. There are few of these classes available so please don’t delay or you may not get the opportunity. Also, if you plan to work Ranger’s games, please read all of the information pertaining to the Ranger’s because they do require other certifications than The Theatre at Grand Prairie and have other rules.
  • Internet based course; costs vary by website and are sometimes offered along with Food Handler’s training at reduced cost if both are taken at the same time. Once you have completed the course; you will print off your temporary certificate. The original TABC license will arrive by mail in about 2-4 weeks. You can start working with the temporary certificate but must provide a copy of it to The Theatre at Grand Prairie. When your permanent card arrives, you will also need to provide a copy of this to The Theatre at Grand Prairie. Keep your TABC license on you at any event you work. You could be asked to show it at any time.

Food Handler’s Certification

You have 2 options; an online class or in the classroom at City Hall in Grand Prairie.

  • The City of Grand Prairie offers a 1 hour class every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 9 am and 4:30 pm. One class on the 3rd Thursday will be offered in Spanish. Pre-Registration is required; please call the Environmental Services Department at 972-237-8055; please see their class schedule below. They ask that you arrive 15 minutes early; classes begin promptly and persons without the required $10 fee, identification (DL, birth certificate, etc) or arriving late will not be admitted. The City accepts cash and checks with proper identification. City Hall is located at 317 College Street.
  • There are several online classes which are approved by Grand Prairie and costs vary by website. In addition to the cost of the online class, you will be required to pay an additional $10 for the actual permanent Food Handler card. The certificate you print at the end of your online course must be taken to City Hall in order to obtain the Food Handler card.

2016 Food Handler’s Classes


Food Handler’s and TABC websites

Please see The Theatre at Grand Prairie TABC/Food Handler Link on main page of our website. This is the same website we use to sign up for The Theatre at Grand Prairie events.

Please remember that The Theatre at Grand Prairie needs a copy of your TABC and the Food Handler card you paid for at City Hall on file in their office or you cannot work. These certifications are good for 2 years and you must remember to renew them yourself; no one will remind you.


Black pants (no capris) black shoes and ALL black hat. You can purchase a hat there for $5. Just go to the office and they have them there for sell. You can wear any shirt as they provide a black jacket which covers any top you may have. A T-shirt or pullover is fine.


When parking, let the parking attendant know you are there to fundraise with the FWFC booth and they will let you right through. You can park in the main parking straight ahead; just try to park as close as you can to the back stairs on your left. Once you go up the backstairs the left hand door is the only door open. Continue up the ramp and to your left will be the pizza booth and whether your working in Pizza or East Grille you can be directed from one of our fellow workers. Optional parking, if for some reason they have a sold out show, they may direct you to park across the street. If they do, just walk across the street and along the sidewalk to the backstairs and continue as above.


Your lead for that evening can show you where to purchase the hats and also direct you to get your uniform jacket. They will also show you what all needs to be done to prepare and close for the show.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I have left anything out. Thank you for fundraising with us and look forward to meeting each and everyone!

Fundraising Administrator - The Theatre at Grand Prairie:
Elizabeth Aguilera • 817-829-0210 • Email Elizabeth Aguilera...