Who Needs TABC/DNC Certification?

Every worker will have to be TABC and or DNC certified. If you took the TABC class last year you still have to take DNC this year. If you took the TABC this year BUT did not take it at the Rangers Stadium you MUST also take the DNC class.

TABC is a four hour state required course that is good for two years. It is valid for serving alcohol at any venue. It may be taken at the Ballpark for free or online or at another venue (sometimes there is a charge at other venues).

DNC is a one hour course required by the Rangers that covers additional regulations that are specific to the Ballpark. It is taught by the Rangers and must be taken every year.

If you take the TABC course at the Ballpark, the DNC training is included for that year only. If you take TABC elsewhere, you must still take the DNC before you can work Rangers.